Currency Exchange Rates:

Luggage Free Bag Forwarding:

Wireless Traveler:


Visa Info:


Useful Apps for your ipad or phone: Google Translate, Foodspotting, oMaps, Flight Tracker, XE Currency, Twitter, & Instagram

Don’t Forget to Pack…

  • Prescription Medicines {extra copy of prescription, if needed, in case need refill abroad), OTC (allergies, motion sickness, headaches, TUMS, etc.}
  • Medical Insurance Copies
  • Passport with Applicable Visas {Copy of passport- put in another location within your luggage in case original is stolen}
  • Phones, laptops, ipads, etc & chargers
  • Local Currency (request small bills for tipping)
  • Adapters and/or converters used at destination
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses
  • Umbrella or poncho

Other helpful resources:

  • Global Entry Program: {Facilitates Immigration and Customs processing when returning from international travel for US citizens and Green Card holders.}